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 Posted: Oct 18 2014, 11:21 PM

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I accidentally posted this here :/ can this be moved to the requests??? sorry D:

Site Name and link: Somebody Told Me
Site genre: Real Life
Site info: WELCOME TO BULLROSE, 2014. somebody told me is a fun real life roleplay, with three choices of application and a whirl of intrigue waiting for you. please register with your character's first middle and last name all in lowercase.
Your name: Bang
Contact info: AIM: chicacherrikola or poke around the site for me

Role(s) Requested:

Context: My character is Clifford Muir, a 45 year old university professor (Mark Ruffalo as his pb) who is a closeted gay but has been married for 20+ years with two grown daughters. He had been having a number of gay affairs in secret, and this character is his most chronic on and off relationship. They love each other, but end up breaking up sometimes probably because Cliff won't come out and be honest with his family, whereas this boyfriend is out and open about being gay.


Name "Paul" just for reference. Paul is a cool-sarcastic sort of witty- he likes to laugh, he doesn't take life all that seriously (or at least, he likes to act like he doesn't, he tends to overthink life). He's 38-40 years old, and although he is the younger guy in the relationship he is the dominant personality, the definite top, perhaps with an edge of control freak. He smokes. He has a niece and nephew he takes care of regularly, young kids, 10 years old or younger, because one of his siblings is on drugs/in trouble/ something and he ends up helping out a lot. He's a quiet sort of worrier, not thinking anything was strange about drinking a ton of coffee to stay up at night and watch over his newborn nephew/niece the first couple of nights after s/he was born, simply to make sure s/he was "okay". He is a brooding, intense type (As in "I am the danger!" intense at times), emotional but sometimes reserved (doesn't want to give all his chips away right off the bat). When he writes it's always lengthy and outdone- emails go on paragraph after paragraph and he can't even write a grocery list without a paragraph commentary.

So keywords: Cool-sarcastic snark, brooding, intense, verbose, dominant, possible control freak

Hopefully you get the general idea, none of it is a requirement, I'm just trying to convey what he's like and I'm having a hard time xD

Ciff's wife is going to find out has found out about him being gay-- and interestingly enough, she is also a lesbian. But they are going to decide have decided to keep it all a secret to save face in their community and so they don't shock their kids with the truth. This is about the time Paul and Cliff are going to rekindle their relationship. Eventually, I kind of want the kids to find out about the parents too, and then they might know about Paul, but none of that has happened yet.

I'm excited for this plot!
If you sign up for this you are getting sucked into a rich plot between two really amazing writers- there's me, and then there is also a writer who plays the prostitute that Cliff is involved with which would be a major source of conflict for "Paul" and Cliff's relationship.

Here is an example of the relationship dynamics I am looking for, click this link-- Cliff in this clip is Skyler White and "Paul" is Walter White. If you are at all interested in MBTI, this is a depiction of an ESFJ/INTJ. Cliff is an ESFJ and my opinion is the best match for him, for Paul to be an INTJ would be best.

I want to give you some detailed information about the current plot that's going on. A lot has happened since I made this ad, and there was a lot of information I didn't include, and I'm hoping by mentioning it, it might get some people interested. SO HERE IS A RUNDOWN OF THE PLOT SO FAR:
There is a character named Albert Hunter, who is going to be a major part of this plot. Albie is a prostitute; a high class, expensive one at that. Cliff hired him, but didn't end up having sex with him because he looked too young, and also because he was distracted with his cellphone at the time. Later on, Cliff and his wife went to a dinner party and Albie was there. What Cliff didn't know at the time is that his business associate, Perry, was basically Albie's pimp. At the time, Perry claimed Albie was his nephew. So as a result of this, when Trisha (Cliff's wife) ran into Albie when she was out shopping, she decided to offer him an internship at her firm, which Albie was forced to accept so that no one got suspicious.

During this time period, Albie taunted Cliff via text message frequently, and at one point reveals that he has not spoken to his father for seven years, and, Cliff being a father himself and the meddling type, feels the need to "make things right". He ends up going to Albie's house and stealing a piece of his journal paper in order to forge a postcard to send to Albie's parents. They also have sex on this occasion for the first time- not paid sex, it is consensual, and Cliff leaves. Later on, Frederick, Albie's brother, tracks Cliff down and shows up because the family knew that the post card was not sent by Albie and they believe that Cliff has kidnapped him, because Albie has been a missing person for seven years.

Cliff turns Frederick away, who then goes to the police, and the police arrest and take Cliff down to the police station suspecting he has murdered Albie. Thankfully Cliff's genius Lawyer wife gets him out of the interrogation room, and then Cliff lies to her and says that he was mentoring Albie. Trish says he has to cut off all contact with Albie, which he does. At the time, Cliff is being stalked by the homicide detective who continues to believe Cliff killed Albie, an also stalked by Frederick, Albie's brother. Albie, upset that Cliff has been ignoring him, finds his address and shows up unexpectantly. Thankfully neither the detective or brother are at that moment staking out Cliff's home, but Cliff gets paranoid and makes him come in.

While Albie's in the house and Cliff is trying to say goodbye and explain why they can never talk again, he gets sentimental and they end up having sex, which is something he has NEVER done before (have sex with men at his home, that is). At this point Trish gets home and catches Albie and Cliff, and after Albie leaves, Trish admits to being a lesbian, they're now outed to each other. But she also was a little insensitive about it, making Cliff to believe she doesn't care about him, and the dissolvement of his marriage makes him go into a bit of a suicidal feeling, he gets on emergency antidepressants, and Albie calls him worried about him and asks if Cliff will come help him fix up his garden. Cliff agrees, and where we are currently in our plot is that Cliff is staying with Albie for a few days at his house to fix his garden up for him.

As you can see, we have an incredibly detailed, fun exciting plot going on and we want Paul to come in about now. Paul is prone to having sudden temper tantrums for reasons not quite known (you can come up with why) and the logic is that while this was all going on, Paul was not talking to Cliff, but now, he suddenly initiates contact and becomes very demanding of Cliff.

I hope this new information shows that we're dedicated writers looking for someone to keep pace with our fun stories. We feel we have written all we can at this point without introducing Paul to spice things up a bit, and we are welcome to any ideas that you have...please!!! THIS WANT AD IS IN DIRE NEED OF BEING FILLED.
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