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Mar 11 2013, 02:08 PM
<DIV CLASS="HEADERB">Frequently Asked Questions</DIV>

Hey there! This is a really cool site you’ve got here. What is it?
Chasing the Beat is new and unique graphics, coding, and writing community. Our aim is to foster a sense of community among our members across the three disciplines through randomly generated teams.
Teams? What’s that all about?
Every member that joins the site can be randomly placed on one of six teams (Johnny Cash, Beethoven, The Beatles, Tupac, The Strokes, and 'NSYNC) by posting in the sorting thread here. We strongly recommend doing this as being on a team will help you make connections and friends with people you might not have otherwise. Click here to learn more about teams.
I got placed on the Tupac team, but I don’t like him. Is there any way I can switch teams?
Yes, there is! We would highly recommend staying on the team you get randomly associated to; however, if conflict arises you can always pm a security moderator for assistance. You can also buy your way off of a team through the bank.You could also wait for when we switch team names and members up, which usually happens twice a year.
You said there was a staff leader for each team. How do I quickly find out who they are?
We have a list of team leaders right here.
Do you guys do ranking and galleries like on other sites?
Of course we do! Not only are we about developing a community bond with the other members, but this is a place to work on your skills in graphics, coding, and writing! We do ranking at the beginning of each month and you can go here to read up on what you need for each ranking. You can submit your galleries at the fan level here.
Can I have more than one gallery?
Yes you can! At CTB, we’re so invested in making sure you develop your abilities within our community that you can have a gallery for each discipline, and on top of that, you can get ranked in up to all three as well!
I saw something about classes and tutoring? What’s up with that?
Tutoring is one of the things that the staff is really excited about! There are three levels of classes in graphics, coding, and writing; whichever class level you are in is determined by the staff. Tutoring sessions will happen in three month blocks with one month-long breaks in between. You can sign up to tutor, participate, or both! You can read more information on tutoring here.
It says I can get $75 dollars for tutoring a class. That’s not real money is it?
Unfortunately, the staff isn’t rich enough to literally be sending everyone that tutors $75 in the mail. We’re talking about our bank system that we have set up. You can earn up to $75 on your account for tutoring a class — about $25 for each month you tutor.
CTB has a bank?
It’s virtual, but yes, we do. The bank allows your activity to be rewarded on ctb.You can buy many features and cool things through the bank. Check out the bank spending and claiming threads located here
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